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Half-payment is due at the time of the order, the balance on completion of the work and prior to shipping. We will provide a photo of the finished product before shipping. Payment methods include checks and PayPal.

Washington State sales tax and shipping/handling will be added to each order. Shipping costs vary, depending on size/weight of the item and your choice of shipping options. Unlike many retailers. we don't pad shipping costs. You're charged what we pay the carrier.

All orders will be shipped insured to the retail value of the merchandise. You're responsible for notifying us of damaged shipments or shipments that fail to arrive. We will repair or replace the item, at our discretion.

Because the camera just doesn't equal the human eye, there may be minor variations in color in what you see depicted on this web site and what you actually receive. We're sorry that we're unable to control that, but we'll make every effort to provide a product that is as close to what you'll see on this web site as we can make it.

Shapes and details of items you receive are likely to vary from those depicted on the web site. This is, after all, a service in custom-made "one-of-a-kind" items. Rest assured that we'll make every effort to provide a product that is tailored for you, but comparable to what you'll see on this web site.

We create unique items with customer input (e.g., "Can you make me a necklace with a silver-wrapped ammonite rather than gold, on a chain with malachite and bone instead of tiger-eye and turquoise?") We'll work with you to create what you want, and we'll send you a "draft image" for your approval before we finally assemble the piece. Refer to "How We Work With Clients" for details.

We'll repair flaws in workmanship or materials at no cost to you, including shipping the piece back to us. If, after receiving a purchased item, you decide that you don't like it for aesthetic reasons, you can return it at your expense, and we'll refund your purchase price and the state tax on the item...but not the original shipping cost.

Certain items intended to be worn might need to be fitted to individuals. Necklaces and bracelets are examples. Different people like neckalces of different lengths. At the time of order, we will solicit the length of the necklace or the circumference of the intended wrist. Download a client worksheet from the "How We Work With Clients" page.


Occasionally we run out of certain material. This is not unusual for hard-to-get components, such as multi-million-year-old gem-quality sharks' teeth, ammonites, and stalactite "slices" (which come from South America). If you choose not to wait until we have the out-of-stock component, we certainly understand.

However, if you are willing and able to wait until we receive delivery on the required components, we'd be delighted to put you on a waiting list and notify you when your desired item becomes available.

Because our business is built on a strong relationship with out customers, we track our waiting list conscientiously. You can expect that we will:

Maintain your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number (but absolutely NOT share this information with anyone without your expressed permission...ever)

Track the date you were put on the waiting list and update you periodically as information becomes available

Notify you with an estimated delivery date when the item becomes available (no payment required until that time, however payment in full is required AT THAT TIME or your order will be offered to other potential buyers)

Ship your order by the means you select. Our default method is first-class registered U.S. Mail (by air if appropriate), unless you select a faster means, such as priority 2-3 day, express overnight, or courier service (FedEx, UPS, etc.)

Notify you when shipment is made and approximate expected delivery date