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Christmas...birthday...anniversary...Valentine's Day

The four days that strike fear into the hearts of men everywhere!

What man hasn't agonized over what to get his lady for one of these occasions? The usual last  resort is the tried-and-true (but somewhat "worn out") box of candy, flowers, or some other last minute ho-hum gift that (to a woman) virtually screams "He spent about five minutes thinking about this..." All that gifts like this have going for them is that they're convenient, fast, and they don't require much thought—but let's face it: they're uninspired!

Now consider the reaction when you present your significant other with something like this...

"Cyndi's Sail"

Custom-designed and created for Cyndi Hall


Now, imagine the reception something like this, complete with the history behind the piece, would get from your lady on your anniversary. Or Christmas, Valentine's Day, or her birthday. Envision the message this conveys to the love of your life:

"This just for you and nobody else. You're special, and I love you."

Okay, maybe you're intrigued by the idea. But naturally you're thinking about the two most important questions of all: "How much does something like this cost?" and "What could I possibly do for an encore?"

We've got you covered.

We're not talking diamond-ring range here. They call these gemstones "semi-precious", because they're much more affordable than precious gems such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. We specialize in them for that reason alone. Because we custom-design pieces and sets like these, we can make them as simple or as elaborate as you like—a gift for nearly every budget. Want it simple? Choose our traditional style. Want it more elaborate? Try our enhanced style.

How much?

Traditional creations vary from about $85 to as high as $200, depending on the stone and the material used for the frame. (Have you checked the price of gold recently...?)

Enhanced creations start at about $125 and currently go as high as $600 for a complete set.

"Can You Top This?"

Now, about that encore... the next big occasion is no less a problem. Whether or not you feel the need to top your last performance, there is no shortage of other ideas for that special gift for that special woman. You're limited only by our (and your) imagination and the variety of materials we useand believe me, this is a BIG planet. There is no shortage of materials for these special creations!

Follow the links below to these pages to see some other unique, one-of-a-kind, and custom creations and turn your imagination loose...


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This is a matched set of semi-precious gemstones...lapid lazuli, from Afghanistan. We cut the lapis into a stylized sailboat shape complete with matching free-form earrings. Then we polished the stones and wrapped them with sterling silver wire into the finished set you see here. The word "wrap" is key...there is no glue or solder anywhere in this set. It's all hand-wrapped, with loving care, in a style known as wire sculpture.

And finally, this one-of-a-kind creation wearable art—is named for its recipeint. In fact, the customized description that accompanied it says so...!

A simple circular abalone,

finished in our traditional style.

Matching earrings available

on request.

An enhanced set. A freeform focal stone of charoite from Siberia, wrapped in sterling silver in the wire-sculpture style, and enhanced with Austrian Swarovski crystals. A gift fit for a queen... and, not coincidentally, this is called

the Queen's Mainsail.









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