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RESULTS...Our "greatest hits"

Here are some of the results we've delivered to our clients. Some are individual pieces, some are matched sets. All are now enjoyed by satisfied clients.


You'll notice that some of these have individualized names. When we complete an order to client speccification, we name that particular variant after the client. You can expect the same consideration...

Royal Blue

The Royal Blue is a free-form pendant and earrings set created from AAA-grade lapis lazuli from Afghanistan. It's wrapped in 14k gold-filled wire and accented with matching blue and clear Swarovski crystals. This particular pendant retains its natural (un-polished) face, which is heavily encrusted with pyrite ("fool's gold") crystals. Click HERE for more details...

Queen of the Nile

The Queen of the Nile is a free-form pendant and earrings set created from the highest quality African (Congolese) malachite, wrapped in sterling silver and trimmed with emerald green and clear Swarovski crystals. The chain on which the pendant is suspended has malachite beads accented with sterling silver disks and tubes. The bail on the pendant is designed to facilitate easy transfer of the pendant to a silver chain or satin cord, at the discretion of the wearer. Click HERE to see the Queen of the Nile modeled.

"Fingerprint of God"

The Fingerprint of God is an ammonite, a fossilized sea creature that died out in the great extinction event 65 million years ago.  Ammonites come in a variety of sizes, almost all composed of earth-tone agates. They are split down the center, the interior faces polished to a high luster, then wrapped in either 14k gold-filled or silver wire and accented with appropriate crystals and beads. Matching earrings, composed of smaller ammonites, are also available. Why do we call this "the Fingerprint of God"? It's a fascinating story! Click HERE to find out...

KC Special

The KC Special is a matched set of shaped and polished aqua terra jasper (actually a type of variscite, rather than jasper, from China). The aqua terra stones evoke the colors of the waters in the South Sea islands. What makes the KC Special special is the wire-sculpture that frames it. Bold swirls of sterling silver make it hard to take one's eye off of the pendant. A cubic zirconia stone at the apex of the focal stone flashes in bright light. The more understated matching earrings make the perfect complement to the stunning pendant.

Click HERE for more details and to see the KC Special modeled....

Northern Star

But I am constant as the northern  star,

Of whose true-fixed and resting quality

There is no fellow in the firmament.

  —Julius Caesar, Act II

Named in honor of the one star in the heavens that never moves, Polaris, this pendant and matching earrings are wrapped in 14-k gold-filled wire. The emerald-cut pendant focal stone is a large ruby-colored Swarovski crystal. The round stones in the earrings are red cubic zirconia, chemically the exact same carbon-based composition (and hardness) as diamonds, but these are grown in laboratories.

Eagle Nebula

The Eagle Nebula, so named because of the strinking resemblance of the pattern in the pendant to the astronomical phenomenon M17, is  created from Argentine blue onyx, mined at 17,000 feet in the Andes Mountains. The sky-blue color is shot through with shades of gold and brown. This pendant and matching earrings are wrapped in sterling silver and accented with pale blue and clear Swarovski crystals. Click here to see the striking similarities between this pendant and the real Eagle Nebula.

"Jaws - I"

Perhaps the most feared predator on earth, thanks to Peter Benchley's novel, the great white shark's lineage goes back 15 million years to carcharocles megalodon a "super-sized" version of today's great white. "C-meg's" teeth (the smaller ones) make striking, truly unique pendants when wrapped in silver-and-gold wire and accented with prominent gold-filled beads. Click HERE to see Jaws-I modeled. And Jaws-I is not just for men... click HERE!


"Jaws - II"

Jaws-II is the contrasting white counterpart to Jaws-I. This tooth comes from an even older shark at 35 million years, otodus obliquus, than Jaws-I.  Wrapped in sterling silver, 14-k gold-filled wire, or a combination of the two. See Jaws-II modeled here.

Like Jaws-I, Jaws-II is also not just for men...click HERE!

Carolina Blue

Carolina Blue, so named for the color that nearly matches the color blue of the University of North Carolina, is a free-form pendant of blue chalcedony from South Africa. It's wrapped in sterling silver and accented with light blue and clear Swarovski crystals and has matching earrings.


Caramel Swirl

This piece of picture jasper from southeastern Oregon has the look of melted caramel. It's wrapped in 14k gold-filled wire and has matching earrings. Both are accented with sunflower and clear Swarovski crystals.

The Queen's Mainsail

Purple has been the color of royalty for more than 2,000 years. This large piece of charoite (from Siberia), shaped and polished as the mainsail of an America's Cup yacht, is wrapped in sterling silver and accented with tanzanite-colored Swarovski crystals with matching earrings. Click HERE for more details...

Swan Lake (Warm)

Swan Lake (Warm) is an actual image of two swans on a pond in late afternoon. The image is mounted on a backing of black jade and covered with glass. The pendant is wrapped in 14k gold-filled wire, enhanced with complimentary Swarovski crystals, and comes with matching earrings. There is also a Swan Lake (Cool) in shades of blue, wrapped in sterling silver.