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Not Necessarily For Men Only...

Shark teeth... not for men only! Our shark tooth pendants are tastefully framed and trimmed, then suspended on your choice of a thin braided leather cord or a silver chain. Or, you can have the pendant alone and suspend it on your own chain.

Otodus Obliquus

Otodus was a mackeral shark that lived more than 35 million years ago. Its teeth are found around the world, but most commonly in North Africa, especially Morocco. They range in size from half and inch (suitable for earrings) to nearly 3 inches tall, and they come in a variety of shapes.


Carcharocles Megalodon

Carcharocles megalodon ("C-megs", for short) was the ancestor of today's great white shark and the largest predator on the planet. C-megs lived from 3 million to about 15 million years ago. Its teeth are found around the world, too, but they are most common in riverbanks of South Carolina and Florida. It's not possible to find an earring-sized C-megs tooth, because they were born with teeth as large as those in today's great white sharks. Most C-megs teeth are at least 2 inches long, and some are as large as small dinner plates. (Those are tough to wear...!)





Shark Tooth (Otodus Obliquus)







Shark Tooth (Carcharocles Megalodon) Pendant - I


Shark Tooth (Carcharocles Megalodon) Pendant - II