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Ladies! Check out these unique gifts for your guy!

Want to let him know that you're thinking of him all year around? Does he have a special hobby, a sport he participates in, a team that he favors, or a special talent?  We can create just about anything in jewelry for men in the form of a pendant worn on a rope, a braided leather cord, or a metal chain of your choice... or we can create a special belt buckle for him.

If your son is in a fraternity, we can create a piece with the insignia and/or initials. Does the man in your heart like to hunt or fish? Let us know what his interests are, and we can be creative!

Every made-to-order piece is custom designed and never duplicated for another. We use precious and semi-precious stones that are hand-crafted by our artisans, artistically enhanced with silver or gold, depending on your preferences. And we send you an artist's conception for your approval prior to creation.

Have fun, be creative in your mind, and let him know that you're thinking of him. We can help! Take a look as some of our creations for guys, below...


Large boar's tusk (4 inches), wrapped in sterling silver and mounted on a three-strand braided rawhide cord.

Prehistoric shark tooth. This is a 15 million-year-old fossil. Wrapped in a sterling silver frame, this pendant is suspended from a chain made of hematite and sterling silver beads... but it could just as easily be a rawhide, braided leather, steel, or sterling silver chain, too...

Large carved boar's tusk (4 inches), strung from a three-strand braided rawhide card.

Eagle's talon (simulated...cast epoxy), wrapped in sterling silver and mounted on a braided leather cord.

Large(3½: x 2½") plume agate (idaho) monogrammed belt buckle. Wrapped in 18-gauge silver-filled wire and topped with our signature "ram's horn". Customized hand-tooled leather belt (initials or name) avaible for additional charge.

Medium size (2" x 3") plume agate (Idaho)  monogrammed belt buckle only. Wrapped in silver-filled 18-gauge wire and topped with our signature "ram's horn".



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