Chakras are points of spiritual power located throughout the body. The Chakra concept is fundamental to Vajrayana Buddhism. The Sanskrit word Chakra literally translates to wheel or disk. It can also mean "circle" and "cycle". It's described by many as a spinning wheel of light.

In yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda, this term refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. There are seven main chakras, which align the spine, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head.

To visualize a chakra in the body,imagine a swirling wheel of energy where matter and consciousness meet. This invisible energy, called Prana, is vital life force, which keeps us vibrant, healthy, and alive.

These swirling wheels of energy correspond to massive nerve centers in the body. Each of the seven main chakras contains bundles of nerves and major organs as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. Since everything is moving, it’s essential that our seven main chakras stay open, aligned, and fluid. If there is a blockage, energy cannot flow. Think of something as simple as your bathtub drain. If you allow too much hair to go into the drain, the bathtub will back up with water, stagnate and eventually bacteria and mold will grow.

So it is, too, with our bodies and the chakras. A bathtub is simple; it’s physical, so the fix is easy. Keeping a chakra open is a bit more of a challenge, but not so difficult when you have awareness. Since mind, body, soul, and spirit are intimately connected, awareness of an imbalance in one area will help bring the others back into balance.

Hurricane Ridge Arts is indebted to Dr. Deepak Chopra for his incisive definition and description of the critical chakras in the human body. For more information, please visit:

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